Our Guide to Swinging

The term “swinging” conjures up many different images and ideas for people, the outdated view is that swinging is just wife-swapping but in reality it’s much more than that. Swinging in todays world is more about a lifestyle that is centred around a very liberal and open view of sex and sexual activity. This CAN include swapping partners, which is still a big part of the lifestyle, but also includes elements of BDSM, voyeurism, bi-sexual activity and anything else that the mainstream may see as taboo. Many couples and single people wish to experience first hand fantasies and express themselves sexually enter this lifestyle and try to find the activity and partners that would otherwise be unattainable.

How to start

It’s important to discuss with your partner the implications and set hard limits, are you interested in soft swing only (foreplay but no penetrative sex)?, are you looking for only FF play? make sure you set your boundaries that you’re both completely comfortable with. As time goes on, boundaries and limits change, but aim low to start with and work up!

The best starting point is joining https://www.fabswingers.com and setting up a profile. This is the number one swingers site in the UK, it’s free and you will meet loads of likeminded people in your local area. It’s also packed with amazing information, club reviews, and an active forum. When you set up your profile, make it interesting and be very explicit about what and who you’re looking for.

No means NO

This is THE golden rule in swinging, is no means no, and people experienced in the scene should always respect that. Like above, this should be fun and no one will ever pressure you into doing something you’re not comfortable with. In any situation, online or in person, a polite “No thanks” should suffice.

First meet

This is the thing most people dread! Many couples and singles like to meet potential play mates for a “social” which is exactly what it says it is, before having fun further down the line. One of the things about this lifestyle is, looks are not as important as clicking personally with other people. First timers should be wary of jumping straight into a fun meet as you may feel obliged to do things you don’t feel comfortable with! So, the best way to do all this is to come to a club. In a club environment there is no awkwardness, you can relax, chat to people who are all likeminded, and meets lots of different couples. Many people who come to our club don’t play with each other for one reason or another, but make very good friends and that’s as far as it goes. And should you meet someone you want to play with, we have areas you can do that (all we ask is that used condoms etc are put in the bins provided please).


First Club Visit

It’s not like going to the dentist! Many couples get very nervous at the thought of a club visit, and we’d like to reassure you that there’s nothing to worry or be nervous about! Our club on the ground floor is exactly like a normal pub, albeit, behind closed doors. There’s nothing remotely sexual going on in the public areas, some people will dress a little more risqué than normal, but aside from that it’s like going to a normal bar. The music is kept low so people can chat and meet and relax, and IF you or other people want to have some sexy fun, our play rooms are available ( 2 upstairs and 4 downstairs ) . You can even take a wander downstairs and have a look around, it’s a very free and easy environment.

On your first visit, one of our staff will show you round and go through the rules of the house and give you a tour. You can get a locker to store valuables and get changed if you want to dress to impress! Once that’s done, you can sit in the lounge area, have a drink and start meeting and chatting to people. Believe us that swinging is a very organic process, if you or your partner is not into the other person or couple, they’ll pick up on it and similarly if there’s chemistry, you’ll all know and it’ll lead to an AMAZING night of fun! SO! come down, relax, and have a fab filled night!